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Why NPP Supporters Are Worried By Trump's Defeat & Biden's Victory

While publicly positing that elections in the United States of America (USA) have no bearings on that of Ghana and more especially, that President Donald Trump's defeat will have no bearing on the outcome of the December 7 general election in Ghana, NPP supporters are worried (by the defeat) and see it as a bad omen for the party as far as Ghana's general election is concerned.

The worry of the NPP supporters is not without foundation. Elections in the USA and Ghana are held every four years and in the same year. That of the USA takes place in November while that of Ghana takes place a month later (December). Interestingly, anytime the Presidential candidate of the Democrats wins an election in the USA, that of the NDC also wins. And whenever the former loses, the latter also loses. This means anytime the Presidential candidate of the Republicans wins an election in the USA, that of the NPP also wins in Ghana. And when the former loses, the latter also loses. The table below depicts this trajectory since 1992 when Ghana returned to multi-party democracy.

Year Country Winner Party
1992 USA Bill Clinton Democrats
1992 Ghana J.J. Rawlings NDC
1996 USA Bill Clinton Democrats
1996 Ghana J.J. Rawlings NDC
2000 USA George Bush Jnr Republicans
2000 Ghana J.A. Kufuor NPP
2004 USA George Bush Jnr Republicans
2004 Ghana J.A. Kufuor NPP
2008 USA Barrack Obama Democrats
2008 Ghana J.E.A Mills NDC
2012 USA Barrack Obama Democrats
2012 Ghana John Mahama NDC
2016 USA Donald Trump Republicans
2016 Ghana Akufo-Addo NPP
2020 USA Joe Biden Democrats
2020 Ghana ? ?

Going by the trajectory above, then John Mahama of the NDC is going to win the December 7 election to become the next President of Ghana. This is what has gotten NPP folks worrying and quaking in their shoes though publicly, they put up a brave face and opine that there is no correlation between the outcome of the just ended elections in the USA and that which coming on in Ghana. Meanwhile, NDC folks this paper talked to are ecstatic about the victory of Joe Biden and see it as a good omen for the NDC though their quick to point out it does not mean an automatic win for their party.

"The victory of Joe Biden is not going to lull us into complacency. We are going to work really hard to ensure John Mahama wins the December election", Godwin Ako Gunn, a Deputy Communication Officer of the NDC told this paper yesterday.


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