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Press Release By NDC Germany On The Death Of The Founder Of The & Former President Of Ghana, Flight Lieutenant Jerry John Rawlings (Rtd)

Rawlings' motivation for public service was for the public good Eternity is not concoctive stuff; it beckons us each passing day. A date has been fixed for each one of us to step into eternity and never return. There, our past and present no longer exist; only the future is permanent now. A torrent of tears may pour on account of our sudden departure, but no one will go with us except the truth about ourselves. So it is with H.E Flight-Lieutenant Jerry John Rawlings (Rtd), the former president of our dear country and the Founder of our great party, the NDC.

NDC Germany Chapter is deeply saddened at the passing of the Founder of the National Democratic Congress. It is very difficult to come to terms with this development, considering that he looked well and heartily a few weeks ago when he saw his mother off. H.E. Flight-Lieutenant Jerry John Rawlings (Rtd) is an institution on his own and a major block in the 4th Constitutional Republic of Ghana. He stood for the truth and worked for the interest of the masses. He stood for a free and democratic society.

His motivation for public service was for the public good. He selflessly and relentlessly fought nepotism and graft. Ghana owes her current democratic credentials as a peaceful and stable democracy to H.E. Flight-Lieutenant Jerry John Rawlings (Rtd). He is unmatched in the fight against corruption, as he made it a high-risk activity under his watch. Ghana moved from military to democratic rule in 1992 with Flight Lieutenant Rawlings as president. This marked the great signs that Ghana was consolidating as a liberal democracy with certain national institutions been strengthened and made more independent.

His death has come at a critical point in history where Ghana's democratic credentials have been deemed. Nepotism, cronyism, and corruption have become the order of the day.

While we offer our deepest condolences to his family, NDC Germany Chapter wish to remind our fellow party members that we owe it a sacred duty to uphold and defend the values of the 4th Republic that former president Rawlings, the Founder of our great party, held so dear to his heart - peace, probity, and accountability. We must do everything possible to win the upcoming elections to his honour. Ghana and Africa have indeed lost a genuine political icon.

May his gentle soul rest in peace.

Long live NDC Germany Chapter

Jerome Kpan

(Germany Chapter Secretary)


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