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Liberia's Weah 'Will Not Seek Third Term In Office'

President George Weah was elected in 2018Image caption: President George Weah was elected in 2018 Liberian President George Weah will not seek a third term in office, his chief of staff has said.

The West African country in preparing for a referendum on proposed changes to the constitution to reduce the number of years in a presidential term from six to five.

The opposition says the constitutional change will allow President Weah to seek to extend his presidency like other regional leaders. But the president’s chief of staff, Nathaniel McGill, told journalists in the capital, Monrovia, that the president had not yet even finished his first term.

"It is not good for one man to be president for a long time... The president is not thinking about a third term," he said. President Weah was elected to office in 2018.

Source: BBC


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